About the Owner/Founder

Simply put, motocross is my life’s single greatest passion. I've raced
motocross for over 30 years and I hold more enthusiasm for it now than I ever
have. In all those years, I've learned how to be a safer, faster rider, but
also how to relay that information to other riders so they can learn to ride
safely too.

Motocross is not my only passion though. Health and fitness are the other
ones. Not only do I ride/race at an expert level, but I have also completed at
the highest levels in the world in fitness competitions. I am a certified
trainer and nutritionist with over two decades of experience in this field, coaching and helping people, even having authored two books.

The Fit4Moto Academy is where the two worlds collide.

I combine my riding experience, professional instructor skillset and fitness/nutritional background with my passion for the sport to create this space where people of all skill sets and ages, can find a place where we can share information with the goal of improving.  

All of the information is presented in a way that you the viewer (or rider) can easily digest and takeaway to use with your own skillset.

-Mitch Robinson